I'm a professor in the Department of Economics at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I use the tools of economics to explain a wide variety of subjects, including law (torts, contracts, takings, litigation, and the good Samaritan rule), democratic politics (candidates, voters, pressure groups, and legislatures), international relations (war, the size of nations, and arms control verification), purely economic topics (contests and mechanism design) and an assortment of unrelated topics (sports rules, theocracy, and family dynamics).

My most recent work is on Evolution and Emotional Depression
 co-authored with Nirvikar Singh. 

"Strategic behavior and organizational structure of religions" is either forthcoming or published in the British Journal of Political Science. My most recent books are The Oxford Handbook of Political Economy, which I co-edited with Barry Weingast, and Economic Foundations of Law and Organization. Here is a list of all my publications.